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Getting to know Me

I have 30-plus years experience in the Food Service / Hospitality industry. I have a broad-based business-skill-set that makes me a suitable candidate for a wide variety of positions with-in the Food Services and Hospitality sectors. I have strong administrative and IT skills suited to other business environments where these skills play a large role in the management of a business operation.

I have a programmer’s diploma which has contributed greatly to my career, not only in terms of my IT ability specifically but also because of the system design and flowchart training I received, that has taught me the art of analyzing and streamlining workflows.

Two of my favourite books are Maverick (Ricardo Semler) which is famous for revolutionary industrial democracy and corporate re-engineering concepts and "The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement" by Eliyahu M. Goldratt for his astonishing approach to the theory of constraints.

I am certain that my personal character growth was built on the platforms created through My Private Schooling at Kearsney College and my involvement in both a strong Scouting Group and a Great Church. I was fortunate to have input into my life from incredible mentors and great leadership.

My years as an Army Chef built the platform for my roles in Commercial Catering and had a big impact on my personal endurance and discipline.

My experiences at a number of busy restaurants have given me the experience I need to have a good understanding of the formal dining experience.

My Commercial Catering experiences have provided me with a plethora of management skills, including HR, Organizing & Logistics, PR, computer use and support, systems design & implementation and hands-on food preparation skills.

My Hotel experiences while calling on many of the skills I have acquired over the years have also given me new ways of looking at the Hospitality / Food Service sectors and added to my already vast toolbox.